Jeff Foss

Buy $1,200 Sneakers on This App

Sneaker lovers trade kicks like gamers trade playing cards. And now there’s a new mobile app, called Slang, to make those transactions easier than ever.

This App Could Save Your Life in the Backcountry

From a young age, children in Norway must learn the Norwegian Mountain Code, basic principles to promote safety when venturing into the wild. Now, a Norwegian app could make backcountry travel even...

Ride Your Bike, Get Paid

Cycling is not an inexpensive sport. You can spend $5,000 on the bike alone, while the rest of the kit—helmet, shoes, jersey, and bibs—will easily set you back another $300.

The Explorers Ax Collection

For total campsite domination, get your keyboard-calloused hands on one of the chic choppers in the Explorers Collection from United By Blue. The ax heads are made out of hand-sharpened steel and...


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