Martin Fritz Huber

A Brief History of the Run Across America

After running an average of 72 miles for 42 days, Pete Kostelnick made it to New York City on Monday. In doing so, he broke the record for the fastest run across the country, an undertaking that has...

What Does Running Mean to You?

We talked to five people leading vastly different lives about how and why they still fit running into their busy schedule

Behind the Renaissance of American Distance Running

Team USA had a historic run in Rio, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Over the last decade and a half, the U.S. has managed to develop a stable of distance runners who rival the best in the...

What Running Means to the U.S. Olympic Marathoners

If running Boston is the dream of many an amateur marathoner, competing in the Olympic Marathon has to be the ultimate aspiration for the sport’s elite participants. Only the top three men and women...