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Grant Davis

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Denver, Colorado-based Grant Davis covers automotive, travel, tech, money, endurance sports, and fitness topics for Outside and Entrepreneur. He also authors the annual Bicycle Calendar (McMeel).

What's the Most Eco-Friendly Car I Can Buy?

There’s been a lot of news about fuel-efficient cars lately. Last month Tesla announced the Model 3 then promptly booked more than 325,000 pre-orders. Meanwhile, Volkswagen continues to mop up after...

An Ode to the 1961 Land Rover Series IIA

As a kid, Sean Gorman lusted after the 1961 Land Rover that was parked next to his grandparent’s house in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado. In fact, when he was 16 he told the owner he’d buy the...

3 Perfect Cars for Spring Break Adventuring

Spring break is almost here, which means it’s time to leave the office and get on the road. Whether you’re headed for the mountains, the beach, or an off-the-grid getaway, here are three vehicles...

Hollywood’s Best Adventure Vehicles

The Academy Awards are on February 28, and while everyone’s wondering what film will win best movie or who will win the best actor category, we thought we’d bring up an an overlooked category: best...

Lexus NX Hybrid

Rolling through the foothills east of Seattle, we notched 36 miles per gallon—not a spectacular number for a hybrid, but it climbed to almost 40 while stuck in traffic on our return to the urban core.

Volvo V60

Our first impression of Volvo’s new compact wagon? These are the most comfortable and supportive front seats we’ve ever sat on.

Honda Fit

The six-speed stick shift on the all-new Honda Fit is not a down-market move. Instead, it plays to the Fit’s strength as a sporty ride despite its puny 130-horsepower, four-cylinder engine.

Jeep Renegade

While we were speeding toward a trailhead for a mountain-bike ride, the three-liter turbo V6 diesel engine and eight-speed transmission in the 1500 EcoDiesel did something we’ve never seen a giant...

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Driving through a nighttime snowstorm on a hilly, snow-packed, two-lane road in the middle of Iceland’s highlands, Land Rover’s new Discovery turned what could’ve been a harrowing adventure into a...

Subaru Outback

Maneuvering through a rutted sandpit of a road in the Willamette National Forest, the new five-passenger Outback drives like it’s in its natural element.


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