Gordy Megroz

Gordy Megroz

Gordy Megroz is an Outside correspondent and a former Outside editor. He lives in Jackson, Wyoming. Follow him on Twitter: @GordyMegroz.

Trek Superfly SL Pro

This summer in London, Trek will debut the lightest mountain-bike frame ever built.

Nike Pro Turbo Speed

A golf ball was the inspiration for the tracksuit that some Nike athletes, including Allyson Felix and Oscar Pistorius, could be wearing in London.

Innovative Olympic Training Techniques: Lolo Jones

To help U.S. hurdler Lolo Jones capture the gold medal she was supposed to win in Beijing, sponsor Red Bull designed a diagnostic tool that requires Jones to attach 39 sensors the size of Ping-Pong...

TYR Carbon Short John

Oscillation has been linked to muscle fatigue, something Arena’s Powerskin Carbon Pro and Tyr’s Carbon Short John (right) should help mitigate.

Short White Man Can Jump

Height is a distinct advantage in the high jump: tall guys don’t have to put as much air between their feet and the ground to get their center of mass over the seven-plus-foot bar. Which is why it’s...

Olympics Online

London is being called the Twitter Olympics—there were more Olympics-related tweets on one day in May than there were during the entire Beijing Games. Here are the tweeps and tools that matter.

Total Pricks

If we’ve learned anything from professional cyclists, it’s that cheaters can figure out a way to beat any test. That’s why, about three years ago, the World Anti-Doping Agency began a program it...

Gold Standard

Tracking Olympic cash flow in the run-up to London.

Beet juice

Beet Juice Benefits

Endurance athletes have been chasing a natural oxygen boost for decades. The answer may be as simple as eating your vegetables.

Beet juice

How Much Beet Juice Is Too Much?

The jury is still out on dosage guidelines for nitrates and beta-alanine, but here are recommendations from two top nutritionists


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