James Startt

The Race to Record the Tour de France

GoPro, Garmin, and Shimano are locked in an epic battle over whose camera will be the one to document the pro peloton. And GoPro—the POV action cam behemoth—isn’t winning.

How Team Sky Plans to Start Winning Again

Paying attention to training at a nearly microscopic level brought the team to amazing victory, before big-picture problems brought it all crashing down in 2014.

team mtn qhubeka tour de france

Here Comes Africa!

Dynamite, it is said, comes in small packages. And sometimes it comes in non-descript emails, too. One of those came on January 14 when the Tour de France organizers announced their annual Tour...

5 Lessons We Learned from the 2014 Cycling Season

The 2014 cycling season will likely go down as a season of change. In general, racing throughout the 2014 season was more unpredictable, and often more suspenseful. Outside looks for lessons from the...

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