Scott Rosenfield

Scott Rosenfield

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Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Outside's Online Editor.

The Ted King Scandal

Inside the dispute that ended with one of American's post promising riders leaving the Tour.

Possible Breakthrough in El Niño Forecasting

An international team of meteorologists announced Monday that they've discovered a new way to forecast El Nino a year ahead of time, doubling the current lead team experts have.

West Hawaii Bans Scuba Spearfishing

The state Board of Land and Natural Resources has banned scuba-assisted spearfishing off West Hawaii and has limited aquarium fish collection to 40 species.

Microbeads Ending Up In the Great Lakes

The microbeads—tiny exfoliating pieces of plastic—in your face wash are polluting the Great Lakes and killing fish, according to a study publish in Marine Pollution Biology.

Study: You're Delusional About Your Health

You're in denial about your health. According to a new study commissioned by the health insurance company Aetna, most Americans exercise for vanity's sake and think they're healthier than they really...

Brutal Heatwave Smothers the West

The West is baking under intense heat, with the temperature at Las Vegas-McCarran International airport tying the official high of 117 degrees Friday. 

Spoiler: Carnage and Chaos at the Tour

 In a chaotic start to this year's Tour de France, Marcel Kittel won the race's first stage, with contenders for the overall Alberto Contador and Ryder Hesjedal crashing, sustaining minor...

Pakistan Orders Cliimbers Off Nanga Parbat

Following the massacre on Nanga Parbat in which gummed attacked and killed 10 foreign tourists, Pakistan has suspended all mountaineering expeditions on the mountain.

Armstrong Still Considers Himself Tour Winner

In an interview with Le Monde, Lance Armstrong said that it was "impossible" to win the Tour de France at the height of the EPO era without doping and that he still considers himself the...


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