Scott Rosenfield

Scott Rosenfield

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Scott Rosenfield (@ScottRosenfield) is a Level 2 USA Cycling Coach and Outside's Online Editor.

Jeannie Longo to Race Again

The 54-year-old veteran pro Jeannie Longo will compete in the French national championship in a bid to win her 60th title this week.

NASA Selects 4 Women as Trainees

After vetting 6,100 applicants during a two-year-long search, NASA has selected eight new candidates to be its newest trainees, four of whom are women.

New York Plans Composting Program

New York City, New York, is preparing to roll out a composting plan for the city, aimed at preventing 100,000 tons of food scraps from reaching landfills every year.

Explorers Find Lost Ship in Lake Michigan

Divers have started exploring an underwater pit in northern Lake Michigan, hoping to find the final resting place the Griffin, a ship helmed by the 17th century French Explorer La Salle. 

Giant Storm Moves East

A line of fierce thunderstorms may affect up to one in five Americans Wednesday as it rumbles forth from Iowa to Maryland, dumping hail, toppling trees, and leading to power outages.

Study: Yoga Boosts Brainpower

Just 20 minutes of hatha yoga improves working memory and inhibitory control—measures related to your ability to focus and use new information—better than aerobic exercise, a study in the...


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