Katie Jackson

5 Tiny Vacation Homes

The measure of a great vacation isn’t in the square footage of your hotel room. It’s in the time you spend exploring your chosen destination. One way to make sure you don’t end up sequestered indoors...

Fat Biking: For Beaches Too!

Although the sport of fat biking is most often associated with snow, it has another time and place: the beach. While fat bikes are still relatively few and far between on the beach scene, it’s only a...

7 Stateside SUP Hubs

SUP has moved from obscurity to part of the scenery because it can be either challenging or relaxing. Adrenaline junkies can battleboard on rapids; endurance athletes can race for miles on open sea;...

New National Parks 2015 parks

Meet America’s Newest National Parks

Good news for anyone who loves high-heart-rate recreation, brilliant scenery and a little bit of history—The National Park Service is starting 2015 off by establishing seven new national parks in...

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