Lindsey Emery

The Best Health and Wellness Jobs of 2015

If any industry is tuned in to the needs, desires, and overall well-being of its workforce, it’s the health and wellness industry.Many of these companies go the distance for their...

The 5 Ingredients that Belong in Your Fridge

Sometimes going back to basics is not a bad thing. Rather than stocking up on a million different things at the grocery store, for example, you could focus on a few high-quality items, save a little...

5 Delicious DIY Sports Food Recipes

It’s easy to grow tired of eating those packaged energy gels, blocks, chews, and bars, especially if you’re training training and racing a lot.

How Soon Can Women Run After Having a Baby?

There is no real research that shows exactly how long women should wait to exercise postpartum; however, experts say the amount of time it takes to return to pre-pregnancy fitness is directly related...

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