Brent Rose

Brent Rose is a freelance writer and regular Outside contributor. He is currently traveling the U.S. living in a high tech van, looking for stories to tell. Follow his adventures on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and

10 Items to Survive and Thrive at Burning Man

Your neighbor is bedazzling her bike. Your cousin just dyed his hair blue. The hardware stores are out of dust masks and glow sticks. This can mean only one thing, it’s time for Burning Man again.

Are Drones the Future of Search and Rescue?

A team from the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and the University of Zurich is trying to build a fleet of affordable drones that can navigate trails during large search...

Polaroid Sues GoPro Over Session Patent

Over the summer GoPro released the Hero4 Session, a camera that represented the first dramatic departure from the traditional GoPro form-factor. Instead of a little rectangular box, it was a little...


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