Meaghen Brown

Meaghen Brown

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Meaghen Brown is an associate editor at Outside. Follow her on Instagram @meaghenbrown.

You're Doing Your Push-Ups Wrong

According to Mountain Athlete strength and conditioning coach Adam Scott, a perfect push-up can challenge even the fittest athletes when done correctly, but can also be rendered completely useless...

Running on Empty

Over the past decade, ultrarunning has gone from a fringe pursuit for distance freaks to a hypercompetitive sport attracting big-time sponsors. But a mysterious training condition is suddenly...

Outside Goes to Miami

The city is a club-kid magnet. But abundant sunshine and a growing active community have attracted a new crop of hyperfit young professionals who aren’t here to party but to play.

It Could Save Your Life

Poll a group of endurance runners anywhere and at least one will tell you that he or she came to running not as a hobby but as self-prescribed medicine.

Did Wyoming Just Criminalize Citizen Science?

That’s the question everyone has been asking since members of the state’s House of Representatives passed a bill in March making the collection of data on private lands illegal. It’s a story that’s...

High Fashion Meets Running

Maybe it’s the proliferation of workout-inspired casual wear, or maybe it’s the fact that more and more beautiful people are Instagramming their workouts (and simultaneously their outfits), but...

No, Maximalist Running Shoes Aren't New Anymore

On Monday, the New York Times reported that HOKA One One, the uber-cushioned running shoe brand founded in 2010, is on track to break out of the wonky ultra market and launch a fat shoe revolution.