Matt Skenazy

Matt Skenazy

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Matt Skenazy is an associate editor at Outside. 

Can Surfing Reprogram the Veteran’s Brain?

There's no quick fix for post-traumatic stress disorder, but research has shown that surfing's physicality and flow can give victims some relief and a way forward. The author hit the water with his...

Surfing's Digital-First Future

With grown-up leadership and slick production values, the World Surf League is betting that it can attract a mainstream audience online.

The Era of the Awesome Climbing Film Has Just Begun

Over the past three decades, Mountainfilm has widened its scope to include films about the environment, social justice, or really anything organizers decide fall under their tagline of “celebrating...

The Burliest Waves Ridden in Recent Memory

This month, Insight Editions released “The Finest Line,” by big-wave surfer Rusty Long. The coffee table book chronicles all the best big-wave spots and surfers in the world with large, brilliant...

How to Run in Cold Weather

Grab a few choice pieces of gear and maybe some choice words from athletes who don’t let the cold stop them (consider it tough love). Then haul yourself out the door like the unstoppable warrior you...


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