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Boeing Wants to Fight Wildfires with Cannons

Weapons and aerospace contractor Boeing filed a patent this week for a device that would deliver fire retardant bottled up in a mortar round. It’s called a “fire-retarding artillery shell,” and it’s...

Missing Utah Hiker Is Reportedly Tutoring Kim Jong-Un

A Utah man who was presumed by many to be dead after going missing while on a hike in western China in 2004 has been located in North Korea, and is said to be tutoring the country’s monarch, Kim Jong...

What Gear Did the Trump Tower Climber Use?

The man yanked off the side of Trump Tower in New York City earlier today clearly had some technical climbing expertise. While he wore a basic green T-shirt, white gym shorts, and a logo-less white...

Climbing Gyms Are the Next Health Clubs

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into the burgeoning indoor climbing industry, and gym brands are starting to look to private investment as a means of staying competitive.

Finding Dory, By Using Data

Tracking the millions of tropical fish caught and sold in the global aquarium trade is our best chance for understanding the impact of Disney’s new movie on the world’s oceans

The Ultimate Summer Bouldering Kit

It's officially climbing season, and if you're like me, you're stoked to wrap your winter bouldering muscles around real problems outdoors. Whether you're strolling ten seconds across the parking lot...


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