What Are the Best Honduran Adventures?

I want to take a trip to somewhere in Central America where I can see the rainforest and spend some time on the beach. Should I go with Costa Rica or Honduras?

Mar 27, 2013
Outside Magazine
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   Photo: Greg Melville


If you’re someone who likes to play it safe, I’d say stick with Costa Rica. It has a well-established tourist infrastructure, a stable government, amazing biodiversity, and sandy beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. I also admire the country’s commitment to eco-tourism and sustainability. The downside? There's very little left undiscovered.

Honduras, on the other hand, is the rising star of Central America. Yes, it’s a rough place: corruption is rife, income inequality is staggering, and parts of some of the larger cities are unsafe. But the country has been experiencing something of a turnaround, and visitors will find ancient Mayan ruins, empty beaches, and a growing list of world-class lodges, all for relatively low prices. If you want to take the road less traveled, here are my recommendations.


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