What Are the Best Winter Boot Bags?

One of the hardest parts of leaving the mountain is stowing a pair of soggy boots for the airplane. What’s the best option?

Dec 19, 2012
Outside Magazine

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Specialty bags for ski or snowboard boots make good carry-on luggage for the plane. The best boot bags have special features to keep you organized on the way to the resort and dry on the way back. What makes one better than another? Look for tough nylon in the construction with a high denier (that’s the density of fibers and a sign of ruggedness.) Anything over 600 denier will do. And make sure the bag fits carry-on requirements if that’s important to you. The major airlines limit carry-ons to 45 linear inches (the three dimensions of the bag added together). In addition, these bags usually have a lot of pockets for extra stuff. So women should think of it as a giant purse, with better drainage.

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High Sierra Bucket Boot Bag
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Athalon Heated Boot Bag

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