Burton's Custom X Snowboard

Some of the graphics on skis and snowboards are really spectacular. Who draws this stuff?

Sep 5, 2012
Outside Magazine
Ailine Liefeld for Freunde von

   Photo:Ailine Liefeld for Freunde von F


Art or no art, many pros and advanced snowboarders covet the Custom X ($649.95). This is the eighth year of the model, and the just-released 2013 has new use of what Burton calls the Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage technology, carbon strands woven into the fiberglass above and below the core to hold an edge and deliver longitudinal pop. The board itself has a directional shape front and back and a wood core with a “squeeze box” design (the core is thinner under your feet and thicker away from your feet for both maneuverability and power transfer). Last but not least, it comes in eight colors, each with an image originally made by a Los Angeles painter.

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