Speed Skates: Lundhags Cruise Nordic Skates

I’m no Apolo Ohno, but I have been curious about speed skating ever since I saw people doing it on a local river last winter. I have never seen speed skating equipment in stores. Do the skates cost an arm and a leg?

Nov 23, 2012
Outside Magazine
speed skating Lundhags Cruise Nordic Skates Gear Guy

Lundhags Cruise Nordic Skates    Photo: Courtesy of Lundhags


Do you skate ski? Then you already own half the equipment necessary. The Lundhags Cruise speed skating blades mount directly to many types of common ski boots. They are technically Nordic skates, not speed skates, but they share some of the same properties of their close cousin—they are stable, handle bumps well, and absolutely fly on outdoor ice. The blade is made from Swedish knife steel, and can easily plow through up to five inches of snow on top of the ice. $100 for blades only; bindings extra.

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