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Running Recovery Tools: Post-Run Support

I'm upping my distance, but every additional mile seems to make it harder to bounce back. What tools will help speed my recovery from a hard run?

Jun 20, 2012
Outside Magazine

There are indeed things you can buy to help you recover in a more active way. The general principle is to apply gentle compression to run-weary legs, with the idea that this improves circulation, supports tired muscles, and reduces lactic acid production.

One simple step to take, for instance, is to buy a pair of CW-X Compression Support Socks ($38). They’re made with a web-like fabric that gently squeezes the ankle and calf, so that muscles can recover more easily.

Wearing the right shoes after a run can help too. Check out the Salomon RX Moc 2 ($75). These are a very light slip on with a nicely cushioned sole and leather footbeds, very comfortable and relaxing to wear around the house after a run. They’ll give tired feet a nice break.

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