Running Recovery Tools: Treat Yourself

I'm upping my distance, but every additional mile seems to make it harder to bounce back. What tools will help speed my recovery from a hard run?

Jun 20, 2012
Outside Magazine

I think the happiest thing I ever read was an article several years back that described chocolate milk as a near-perfect post-workout recovery drink, with lots of protein and carbs to help you snap back. I love chocolate milk, so this was wonderful news.

So after a long, hard run, treat yourself. Since chocolate milk isn't terribly portable, a delicious bar is a good alternative.

Also, a lot of fitness experts recommend a dose of protein soon after a hard workout, to help muscles revive and re-build. A good way to get some protein is with the Luna Protein Bar ($22 for a box of 12). Each contains 12 grams of soy protein that’s easy to digest and goes right to work. And the bars come in a range of flavors.

You might also try Clif’s Builder Bar ($21 for a box of 12). They have even more protein than the Luna—20 grams, although they also pack more calories (270, versus 200).

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