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The Best Cell-Phone Tripods: Tamrac Zipshot Mini

I’m starting to get into slow-shutter photography and other artistic effects using my iPhone. What are the best tripods for keeping my phone completely still while taking pictures?

The Best Cell-Phone Tripods: Tamrac Zipshot Mini

Tamrac Zipshot Mini. Photo: Courtesy of Zipshot

The lightest full-sized tripod in the world, the 28-inch Zipshot sits on aluminum-alloy legs held together with an elastic cord, just like tent poles. While it's plenty secure for equipment up to three pounds, it’s not the most stable platform for making frequent or sensitive adjustments. But at under 10 ounces and nine inches folded, it makes a pretty useful backpack accessory for the price. To connect it to a phone, you'll need to buy one of the mounts listed earlier.

WEIGHT: Nine ounces.
COMPATIBLE WITH: Cameras with a mount thread.
PRICE: $40.

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