What are the Best Performance Plaid Shirts?

I’m trying to find a long-sleeve shirt that feels good while mountaineering but also looks good on a date. What have you got for me?

Jul 8, 2013
Outside Magazine

Check out his shirt.    Photo:Benfulton/Flickr


Our dads dismissed them as “lumberjack” shirts and deemed them unworthy for special family occasions. Now these long-sleeve, plaid performers are back in style, gracing the pages of the latest fashion magazines.

Fashion benefits aside, they work double-duty as a technical midlayer, hiding features like moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics, wrinkle-free care, and built-in stretch for climbing or scrambling. That means you can complete a multi-day trek on the mountain—accumulate sweat, dirt, and strong aromas—and appear (at least from a safe distance) appropriately attired for dinner Sunday night.

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