The Best Camping Grills: Pro-Iroda O-Grill 1000

I love to grill—steaks, veggies, sausages, anything. How can I bring my grill camping with me?

Mar 8, 2013
Outside Magazine
Pro-Iroda O-Grill 1000 camping grills cooking cookout bbq outside gear guy

Pro-Iroda O-Grill 1000.    Photo: Courtesy of Pro-Iroda


The O-Grill is the Bentley of portable grills, and it weighs as much as one. At 24 pounds, the unit features a porcelain-coated, cast-iron grate and 9,000 BTUs of heat. It also has automatic ignition, a removable grease pan, and retractable legs. Despite its heft, the O-Grill is the most rugged and gourmet-worthy of the bunch, and makes a perfect car-camping accessory for big outings.

WEIGHT: 18 pounds
COOKING AREA: 164 square inches (about three hamburgers)
PRICE: $159

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