The Best Lightweight Down Jackets: Patagonia Men’s Hi-Loft Down Sweater Hoody

It's getting cold, and I need a light, packable jacket for the trail. What should I buy?

Sep 26, 2012
Outside Magazine

Patagonia makes the original down jacket perfectly appropriate to wear indoors. The $279 Hi-Loft has sweater right in the name, so you know it’s great for hanging out in a ski cabin before the wood fire warms things up. The 15.7-ounce sweater has a hood that seals out wind and makes it a great layer under a coat for especially chilly days as well. The ripstop polyester facing repels water and is 100 percent recycled from soda bottles and old clothing. Inside is 800 fill power goose down, and the whole thing scrunches down into a small included stuffsack.

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