Getting Started Kiteboarding: 2013 Slingshot Turbine

My New Year's Resolution for 2013 was to learn to kiteboard, but I don't know where to start. Help!

Apr 3, 2013
Outside Magazine

Slingshot’s huge 17-meter Turbine makes it easy to rip, even in the lightest winds. For the 2013 model, the company adjusted the wing tip, design, and bridle for more speed and great relaunch. One nice feature of the kite is that it performs as well on the snow as in the water. “When you’re out on the mountain on a high-pressure bluebird day and it’s blowing 10 miles per hour, you can put the Turbine 17 on your snowboard or skis," says Forman. "Its huge canopy keeps you in the air longer.”

Price: $2,150 (with kite, control bar, lines and backpack)

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