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The Best Waders: Orvis Women's Silver Sonic Convertible-Top

After spending the winter dreaming about fly-fishing, I'm itching to get back out on the river. What are the best waders for early-season fish-stalking?

Apr 10, 2013
Outside Magazine
Orvis Women's Silver Sonic Conv waders fish fishing fishing gear

   Photo: Courtesy of Orvis


Manufacturers used to treat women's chest waders as an afterthought, pissing off many female anglers . Orvis set out to remedy that with the help of over 40 women among its testers and office staff. Using new, anatomically-correct patterns for the chest as well as the seat, the Silver Sonics are the most comfortable swift-water protection for women available. They use the company’s SonicSeam technology to weld the material together, for better durability, and a suspension system quickly converts them to waist-highs. Bonus: a flip-out waterproof pocket in the bib allows you to operate the touchscreen on your cell.

Price: $259

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