Best Hammocks: Hennessy Hyperlite Backpacker Asym Classic

On a humid night in July, I slept in friend’s hammock on the trail. The cool breezes were great, but I wondered about weight. How do they compare with other shelters?

Jul 2, 2013
Outside Magazine

Hennessy Hyperlite Backpacker Asym Classic    Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy


With Hennessy’s lightweight suspension system, you get everything you need at a single price. The Hyperlight comes with the webbing straps, 20D silicone nylon rain fly, and 20D no-see-um netting. We like how the design lets you set it up as a chair or even as a tent if you have two trekking poles.

Weight of total package: 58 ounces (including 27-ounce hammock and 31-ounce straps)

Packability: 4 by 8 by 4 inches.

Price: $259.95

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