Best Hammocks: Jacks ‘R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge Ultra Light

On a humid night in July, I slept in friend’s hammock on the trail. The cool breezes were great, but I wondered about weight. How do they compare with other shelters?

Jul 2, 2013
Outside Magazine

Jacks ‘R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Ultra Light    Photo:Courtesy Jacks Bear Mountain


The Bridge Hammock is the only lightweight model that lets you lie flat, thanks to aluminum bars that give the model structure. It especially suits those who don’t feel comfortable being squeezed by the traditional hammock shape. We like the sturdy 70D ripstop nylon in this USA-made model, as well as the handy gear pockets on each side.

Weight of total package: 50.8 (31.8 ounces for hammock, straps, and bug net; 19 ounces for rain tarp. )

Packability: Keep in mind you need to haul the two 8-ounce aluminum bars.

Price: $179.95 (Unit comes with bug net, but the tarp is an extra $136.95.)

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