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Car-Camping Comfort Gear: Stove

We're going for an epic, cross-country road trip. Weight isn’t an issue, so we're excited to load up on gear that we normally wouldn't have in the backcountry. What are three pieces of gear that you think really make for a great car-camping trip?

Jun 25, 2012
Outside Magazine

The camping chef needs a quality stove. The Primus Firehole 300 ($250) is just such an appliance. It’s close to commercial quality, with two 12,000-BTU burners, a built-in timer, piezo igniter, precise controls, and much more. Whether you’re making a breakfast omelette or an evening stir-fry, the Firehole offers the control to make it possible. It runs on ubiquitous propane canisters, so fuel availability is never an issue.

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