Glass Water Bottles: Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle

How breakable are the new glass water bottles? Can you take them outdoors, or are they only for the office?

Nov 27, 2012
Outside Magazine
takeya glass water bottle gear guy

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle.    Photo: Courtesy of Takeya


Takeya, a pioneer in glass water bottles for a few years now, has versions in 16, 18, and 22 ounces. The 22-ounce version weighs 17 ounces and costs $20. A grippy silicone jacket protects the French-made glass container within, and if the bottle gets a little funky, you can throw the whole shebang in the dishwasher to return it to crystal clear. It has a loop for hooking to a ‘biner on your pack, though online reviewers say that because of its weight and simple screw cap, it’s probably more office-y than outdoorsy.

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