The Best Custom Camping Products: iPhone Lightclip

I'm looking to swap out my mass-manufactured camping gear for the latest handmade designs. What are your favorite custom options?

Jul 16, 2013
Outside Magazine

The Lightclip.    Photo:Courtesy Lab02


Made by 3D designer Lab02, the Lightclip creates beautiful ambient light inside your tent when you slip it over your phone. The design is as cool as the backstory on how it’s made to order. First, you specify whether you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4/4s along with what color you want (white offers the most light). When you buy the light, a 3D printing company spits out a hardcopy for you using the designer’s blueprint and sends it your way through the mail.

Dimensions: 2.5 (high), 1.4 (wide), 1.3 (deep)
Price: $13

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