The Best Custom Camping Products: Spalted Maple Knife with Leather Sheath

I'm looking to swap out my mass-manufactured camping gear for the latest handmade designs. What are your favorite custom options?

Jul 16, 2013
Outside Magazine

Spalted Maple Knife with Leather Sheath    Photo:Courtesy PeasantCraft


To craft this knife, the tiny Eugene, Oregon, operation starts with a Japanese 8-A stainless steel blade with rope-cutting serrations on top and a hole in the center for aiding grip. The craftsperson then adds a spalted maple handle from a local storm-damaged tree (spaulting is the cool topo-map like effect on wood caused by a fungus.) Lastly, you also get a right-handed sheath made from vegetable tanned leather (lefties can have one made upon request).

Dimensions: 3.0 (blade length), 6.3 inches (overall).
Price: $75

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