What gear do I need for beach camping?

We are going beach camping for the first time. What do we need to bring that we probably don't already have? Ned Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Jun 11, 2004
Outside Magazine

Byer Maine Lounger

A: Well, help me out. What do you have now? I may be all-knowing, but I'm not clairvoyant...

But, I can guess. Surely you have tent, sleeping bags, pads, stove and cookware, that kind of stuff. What you need is to fine-tune the current gear list for a marine environment. So be sure to take the following:

  • A whisk broom of some sort, for clearing sand out of your tent before you go to bed;
  • Chairs, so you're not parking your butt on wet sand or getting splinters from sitting on a log (here I'm assuming you're beach camping, yet driving pretty close to your jump-off point). The Byer Deluxe Maine Lounger ($45; www.byerofmaine.com) is just the thing;
  • Small nylon bags: Fill them with sand, attach your tent's guy-out lines to them, and bury them in the sand. They'll serve as tent anchors if the wind kicks up. Also, take a sheet of plastic to lay down under the tent, as sand can otherwise grind away at the waterproof coating of the tent floor;
  • Extra towels, for beach use and clean-up;
  • A good board game, such as Scrabble, for an evening around the campfire while it's still daylight. And a kite. And of course a Frisbee!
  • Plenty of sunscreen, and an extra hat or two.

  • I wouldn't claim this list is exhaustive, but that should give you a good start. Have fun!

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