What Are the Best Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses?

Many sunglasses are designed for specific sports. How can I buy a pair that works in all different conditions?

Aug 16, 2012
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The lenses for sunglasses have become so high tech that certain types serve particular sports really well. But they can also be limiting. For instance, if you’re biking in low-light but want eye protection, you may opt for a lightly tinted lens. Or, you may want a photochromatic lens that adjusts to your environs. Then in the winter, when you’re snowboarding in bright sun, you may want a heavily filtered lens and polarization to cut glare. Does that mean you have to buy a new pair of shades for each season?

The good news is that sophisticated designs are now on the market to let you switch out lenses easily. These interchangeable systems hold the polycarbonate lenses firmly while you’re wearing the glasses, but allow you to change them out in a few steps. What’s more, the mechanisms don’t distort the field of vision as in previous interchangeable models. That comes in handy, depending on time of day and activity, whether you’re gearing up to go paddleboarding, cycling, or fishing. And it especially comes into service if you scratch the hell out of your existing set of lenses. (We should note that all of our picks, and most high-quality lenses now on the market, offer 100 percent UV protection for your eyes.)

The following two pairs are fresh on the market and full of all-season potential.

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