The Best Compression Tights: CW-X Insulator Endurance Pro

Why would I pay over $100 for “compression” tights, when I can run in perfectly warm leggings for half that?

Oct 18, 2012
Outside Magazine

Performance apparel company CW-X has always been one of the biggest names in compression gear for year-round athletes. New this fall are tights specifically for the coldest days, the $134.93 Insulator Endurance Pro with an insulating layer of temp-regulating material to help runners withstand freezing conditions. These anti-microbial tights have compression technologies for reducing muscle soreness and fatigue, on which CW-X holds two patents, the intriguingly named "Wearing article for wearing in pressed relation to human body surface" and the ever popular "Protective clothing for regions of lower limb."

On a less technical level, The tights also have a key pocket! And they are some of the first products in this oh-so-serious apparel category to add color to the typical all-black motif—there are lime-green stripes on both the men’s and women’s design.

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