The Best Backpacking Tents: Marmot EOS 1P

I'm in the market for a small, light backpacking tent that won't break the bank.

Jun 15, 2012
Outside Magazine

I like to backpack with friends. But I’m also perfectly happy to take my Thoreau side out for a hike.

For those occasions, I like a small solo tent such as Marmot’s EOS 1P ($229). A solo tent saves weight, and also takes up less room in a small pack. The EOS comes in at just under three pounds—barely enough to register as an item in your pack. It has lots of mesh in the canopy, with a sturdy fly that seals the tent tightly in the event of a storm. There’s plenty of room for a solo hiker, and it’s tall enough (36 inches at the peak) for getting dressed or sitting up and reading.

Marmot always does a good job with the little things, such as plenty of inside pockets, zipper pulls that don’t rattle in the wind, and reflective tabs that make the tent more visible in the dark.

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