How can I mitigate the nightly problem of "chase the sleeping pad"?

Is there a tried-and-true product I can apply to my sleeping pad and bivy bag to stop slippage? Just spent a lousy night sliding around on a nylon groundsheet (seldom can I find an off-trail flat spot in the Superstition Wilderness). Tom Arizona

Feb 14, 2006
Outside Magazine

Slip-Not Strap

A: What you need is 3M Photo Mount Adhesive Spray. Just give your pad a little spritz, lay out the sleeping bag, and you're sure to stick for the night. And the next day. In fact, you may never get out of bed—especially if you happen to touch the pad with your bare hand.

There are better ways to achieve this goal. Some bags already have "pad loops" attached to the outside. REI makes straps, called Slip-Not Straps, that hook into these loops and go under the pad, holding everything together—more or less. They're $5.50 (www.rei.com). The cotton and nylon Cocoon Sleeping Pad Cover ($20) fits over a pad and creates a non-skid surface. And some pads, such as the Big Agnes Two Track ($85; www.bigagnes.com) have non-slip tops.

That takes care of the bag/pad interface. The pad/ground one is a little trickier. Most sleeping pads have a nylon bottom, and nylon-to-nylon creates a naturally slick interface. The Cocoon pad cover would help quite a bit, I would think. You also could use a different kind of ground cover, such as polyethylene sheeting bought from your local home improvement store. That will be naturally stickier than your nylon ground sheet.

If all else fails, try the 3M...

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