The Best Body Fat Scales: Tanita BC-1500 Ironman Radio Wireless

I'm trying to measure my progress on a new exercise routine. What's the best device for tracking body fat at home?

Feb 27, 2013
Outside Magazine
Tanita BC-1500 Ironman Radio Wi weight loss bathroom scale weighing fitness conditioning training

   Photo: Courtesy of Tanita


The most important feature of the $625 BC-1500 is that it does segmented body fat analysis, meaning it analyzes the fat on your trunk, legs, and arms (most monitors attempt to measure the fat on your legs). The downside, of course, is that the procedure for the full-body scan involves standing on the scale while gripping the handles on the sides, an undignified and somewhat awkward position to be in. Data is then automatically sent to your computer using an ANT+ wireless adapter for long-term tracking. And because most Garmin devices use ANT+, it pairs well with your Forerunner.

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