What To Wear at Everest Base Camp: SmartWool Men’s Midweight Bottom

There's been a lot of coverage of the this year's climbing season on Everest, and I'm curious as to what day-to-day life is like at the roof of the world. What are the basic necessities?

Jun 8, 2012
Outside Magazine

I know we've already covered pants, but Grayson said he couldn't do without this baselayer: the SmartWool Men’s Midweight Bottom ($80). These are a fairly heavy—but still very comfortable and breathable—form-fitting bottom, really useful in cold climates. The Midweights have flat-stitched seams for comfort, and a traditional fly. Wool is wonderful because it’s a natural temperature regulator, so it has a wider comfort range than synthetics. The material can also absorb a lot of moisture and still keep you warm. And wool tends not to absorb odors—an important consideration when you’re wearing a pair of long johns for weeks.

The Alternate: Similar to the SmartWool bottoms are the 260 Midweight Leggings from Icebreaker ($100). Again, soft Merino wool in a fairly warm weight, great on their own or layered under trail pants, a shell, even insulated pants.

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