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The Best East-Coast Backcountry Skis: Fischer S-Bound 98

What are the best backcountry skis for tearing up East Coast powder?

Fischer S-Bound 98 skies backcountry skiing backcountry east coast ski gear

   : Courtesy of Fischer


At 98 millimeters at the tip, this version of the S-Bound series represents the continental divide of backcountry ski equipment. It is on the thicker side of the "touring" cross-country skis, but narrower than most alpine planks. For our testers, it bridged these territories gracefully. The wide front carved waist-high powder with ease, and the flatter line from the middle to tail helped us make quick progress when kicking and gliding on flats. The Fischer also has air channels to lighten its wood-fiberglass core; At just 2.3 pounds per ski, they were easy to move around in.

Price: $395

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