The Best Dutch Ovens: GSI 12-Inch Hard Anodized Dutch Oven

I want to go beyond normal camp food for my next trip. I'm talking cobbler, cornbread, even pizza. What should I do?

Feb 1, 2013
Outside Magazine
GSI 12-Inch Hard Anodized Dutch outside gear guy bob parks dutch ovens camping ovens

GSI 12-Inch Hard Anodized Dutch Oven.    Photo: Courtesy of GSI


There are benefits to GSI’s non-reactive aluminum Dutch ovens. They never rust, don’t need seasoning, and are relatively lightweight (this version weighs less than a gallon of water). The 12-inch, equivalent to a ive-quart, bears a hard-anodized coating that makes it non-stick out of the box and lets it withstand the hottest campfires. One drawback: Unlike the Lodge, the underside of the lid isn’t suitable for double duty as a skillet. If you’re looking to create a multi-course feast at the campsite, like a main course and a dessert, the 12-inch neatly holds the 10-inch version inside.

WEIGHT: 6.1 pounds
PRICE: $110

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