The Best Dutch Ovens: Lodge Logic Five-Quart Dutch Oven

I want to go beyond normal camp food for my next trip. I'm talking cobbler, cornbread, even pizza. What should I do?

Feb 1, 2013
Outside Magazine
Lodge Logic 5-Quart Dutch Oven outside gear guy bob parks dutch ovens camping ovens

Lodge Logic 5-Quart Dutch Oven.    Photo: Courtesy of Lodge Logic


Lodge has been making Dutch ovens in its Tennessee foundries for the last 100 years. The newest version is the five-quart, which strikes a nice balance between weight and capacity: It weighs as much as two gallons of water, but feeds up to eight people. Nice features include a lid that can be flipped over and used as a griddle. Ours has stayed seasoned and gained a nice patina without any extra work.

WEIGHT: 16 pounds
PRICE: $64

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