The Best Treks in Scotland: St. Cuthbert’s Way

I’ve always wanted to go trekking in Scotland. What are the best paths that combine great natural scenery with history?

May 29, 2012
Outside Magazine

St. Cuthbert's Way    Photo:M. J. Richardson/Wikimedia Commo


This 62-mile route crisscrosses the border between Scotland and England, beginning at the place where St. Cuthbert—the medieval patron saint of northern England—started his ministry in the 7th century, and traveling east to Holy Island where he died. Your hike starts at the stunning 12th-century Melrose Abbey and follows the banks of the River Tweed before climbing the Eildon Hills and Wideopen Hill, passing St. Cuthbert’s Cave, and finally reaching the North Sea coast. The trip usually takes four days to complete.

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