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What Are the Best Eco-Lodges in North America?

I'm a pretty sustainably minded person and for my next vacation, I want to go to a low-impact resort that's not too insanely far from home. What are the best eco-lodges in North America?

Feb 6, 2013
Outside Magazine
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Eco-lodges are a popular trend, but they still can't be found everywhere.    Photo: Harvey Barrison/Flickr


As efforts to minimize carbon footprints have taken hold a host of new resorts have sprung up, or renovated themselves, in order to cater to the eco-friendly mindset of many tourists. While they are scattered across America, they can provide you with jaw-dropping destinations and make you feel good about enjoying it while taking care of the planet.

Zion Lodge, Utah
Kicking Horse River Lodge, British Columbia
Highland Center Lodge, New Hampshire
Bentwood Inn, Wyoming

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