Can I Find Good Skiing Down South?

Settle a bet between me and a buddy. He said there are a couple of pretty good places to ski in the South. I say there’s no such thing as good skiing in the South. Who’s right?

Jan 2, 2013
Outside Magazine

Snowshoe Mountain.    Photo:Philip Duncan/Snowshoe Mountain


Well, you definitely wouldn’t travel to the South specifically to ski. And rare is the day when you can celebrate a foot of fresh pow beneath the Mason-Dixon line—where a half-inch can cripple local roads for days. But in the high elevations of the Appalachian Mountains, the temperatures stay consistently cool enough for a decent snowfall or two and, at the handful of resorts there, you’ll find plenty of snowmaking each winter. So, to answer your question: yes, you can find some good skiing, if you know where to look. These three destinations—one backcountry route, one resort, and one old-school ski area—are where you should start.

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia
Cataloochee, North Carolina

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