The Best Cheap Boat Trips: The Inside Passage

I’m not a cruiser or a yachtie, but I love getting a good look at the land from the water when I travel. Can you recommend some memorable–and affordable–public ferry rides in North America?

May 6, 2013
Outside Magazine
alaska inside passage ferry ferry trips water ice

   Photo: Rennet Stowe/Flickr


This is the big one. The Alaska Marine Highway System runs a ferry the length of the passage, starting in Bellingham, Washington, and winding up in Juneau after a three-day voyage through gloomy, beautiful islands and ethereal fog. Leave your car behind and ditch the cabin reservation. Instead, bring a tent and some groceries and camp out with the masses on the deck – the no-frills version of the trip will run you just $326.

Alaskan ferries also travel throughout the communities of the Southeast – the rides from Juneau to Sitka or Haines are lovely – and across the Gulf of Alaska to the Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak Island, and all the way out west to the Aleutian chain.

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