America's Best Hamburgers: Booches Billiard Hall

I’m about to take a month-long road trip with a couple of buddies. We’d like to turn it into a junk food tour of America. Where can we find the best hamburgers?

May 10, 2012
Outside Magazine
Booches's nondescript storefront

Booches's nondescript storefront    Photo:Chris Yunker/Flickr


The first time I stepped into Booches, in Columbia, Missouri, was when Mrs. Adventure Adviser was a student at the University of Missouri. When people told me the burgers there were “famous,” I thought maybe throughout the county, not the country. Boy, was I wrong. This little college-town dive serves their tiny, sloppy, juicy cheeseburgers on wax paper, not plates. The biggest challenge is knowing when to stop popping them in your mouth. Cash only.

Work off the calories: Take a run on the Katy Trail, a rail trail covered in crushed limestone that skirts town as part of its 237-mile course across Missouri’s mid-section.

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