Where can I learn to handfish?

Mar 26, 2012
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Woman with catfish

Woman with catfish via Shutterstock    Photo:David Ryznar


I tend to divide the handfishing world into two groups: those of us who knew about and appreciated the sport called noodling (or catching fish with your bare hands) before the Animal Planet show “Hillbilly Handfishin’,” and all of the wannabes who are just now jumping on the bandwagon and thrusting their arms deep into catfish nests in muddy riverbanks. Howstuffworks.com has a good primer on handfishing, but it’s absolutely not a sport I’d want to learn without an experienced practitioner by my side. You should also know you can’t do it in Vermont. Noodling is only legal in 11 states, all in the South and Midwest:  Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri. Here are a couple of the better known handfishing resources.

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