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Mont Blanc For Beginners: Three Monts Route

I’ve always dreamed of climbing Mont Blanc, but I'm rethinking it after the recent incidents there. I’m not a mountaineer, but I’m an avid hiker who’s in great shape. How doable is it for me, and what’s the best route?

Three Monts Mont Blanc

Looking up towards the Cosmiques hut    : Prometheus72/Shutterstock


The Three Monts Route is shorter than the Gouter, but it's much tougher, gaining 10,000 feet on summit day. On day one, you'll ride a cable car up to the Col du Midi and walk less than an hour to the Cosmiques hut, where you'll spend the night. On the second day, you'll rise around 2 a.m. and set out for the summit. The route traverses the exposed humps of Mont Blanc du Tacul and Mont Maudit before arriving at the pinnacle of Mont Blanc.

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