What are the best Mediterranean island escapes?

I’ve some vacation time coming, and I’d like to escape to a Mediterranean island for some adventure. Where should I go?

Apr 4, 2012
Outside Magazine

Mountain peaks from the GR 20 via Shutterstock    Photo:Dominik Michalek


Backpacking in Corsica, France
Why travel all the way to an island off of France to go backpacking? Because of the GR20, a 110-mile trek traversing the length of Corsica. The GR20 follows the north-south fin of mountains running up the remote spine of the almond-shaped 50-mile-wide island, with a series of 16 refuges (where you can sleep and buy food) lining the path. If you hike it end to end (which takes about 10 days), you’ll be climbing more than 35,000 vertical feet, but the spectacular vantages of the Mediterranean on both coasts are worth it.

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