GoPro Wins an Emmy

Pocket-sized HD camera is recognized for its contribution to filmmaking

Jan 15, 2014
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GoPro's are put just about everywhere on a movie set    _lolik_/Thinkstock

On January 9, GoPro founder Nick Woodman screamed and hollered as he made his way to receive an Emmy. One hand was high-fiving his faithful engineers, and the other was holding a GoPro, filming the whole thing. Recognized for its contribution to filmmaking, the tiny Hero3 HD camera won the 2013 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award.

GoPros are small, cheap, and can be placed just about anywhere, which is why the film industry buys them by the case. Not to mention, they are nearly indestructible, which is why we often see them atop ski helmets or attached to the nose of a kayak.

“That the best selling consumer camera in the world has also been so enthusiastically adopted by film and television professionals is something we’re very proud of,” Woodman said.

The award was presented last week in Las Vegas during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Previous winners of this award have included Sony, Apple, Dolby, Canon, and RED, reports Digital Trends